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Call me a dreamer. Cause that's what I am. Some may see that as a negative thing - silly and unpractical. However, I think it is perhaps the most practical thing that I can be. Without being a dreamer, none of my current reality would exist for me. I would not have success doing what I love, I would not own my own company, be able to work from home, be able to make my own schedule and have vacation time whenever I want it. I would not be able to go back to bed after my husband leaves for work, or schedule in an hour of reading every day and an hour of hiking in the woods with my dog. Plus I get to develop great friendships with the most kind and loving people. It's not all rainbows and unicorns but I sure do feel like I'm living my dream. Because I am. If I weren't a dreamer, I'd be living someone else's dream, working according to their schedule and making money for them. I get excited about other people's dreams, but I'd rather be living my own dream. My next big dream: that my husband can work for himself as well and that we can share in the freedom and flexibility together. The Swenson's are one family that I feel so blessed to have met because of this dream-reality. They are smiles and laughs, stick swords and leaf wars, shoulder rides and sun flare. They are fantastic. Be sure to check out last year's fun here!