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When I tell people that I'm a photographer, I often get the response, "Wow, that's a hard market." I suppose they mean that the market is so saturated that it's hard to stand out. With so many photographers, (and so many people with digital cameras who think that it's easy to be a photographer) it is important for me to find the uniqueness that I alone can offer. I've been mulling over this idea for a while now and it is giving me clearer direction and reshaping my business completely. I know it is often hard for people to be themselves in front of a camera, but I find that they let their guard down when they are with their loved ones. When people know and feel that they are loved, the beauty of who they are can't help but radiate from within. This is what I seek to capture in my images: the beauty of people when they know they are loved. My goal for each photoshoot is for people to fall deeper in love, in beauty and in relationship. Photography is just my means to this goal and a way of showing people the love they already have for each other. Which leads me to introduce Meghann and Kevin. The love they have for each other is beautiful. For Meghann's birthday, Kevin plotted with me to surprise her with a photoshoot! I absolutely love it when husbands surprise their wives with this outside-the-box gift, plus I'm sure they score major husband-points at home. As I gave these two some games to play and asked them questions about their life and their love, the camera-shyness dissipated and revealed the beauty of their relationship. (To me this first picture is like a glass of cold strawberry lemonade on a hot summer day!)