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One thing that always makes me laugh is that Eric has a very funny way of eating Mexican food. I fell in love with Eric because he was awkwardly funny and I am still in love with him for this reason. -Lisa

If I could have one character trait of Lisa's it would be her persistence. My favorite feature of hers is her cute nose and she always makes me laugh when she tells old stories. -Eric

Having children has taught me that patience is a virtue and life is best when you laugh a lot. My children have a great sense of humor. One day my child informed me that there was road kill on my right (shopping cart) wheel. -Eric

I feel most loved by Eric when he dances with me. I was incredibly proud of him when he ran the Twin Cities marathon in 3 hours and 15 minutes! -Lisa

My kids make me less self centered and give me purpose. They teach me to relax and not take myself so seriously. Tommy put a soccer ball in the oven at age 3 and does a great Erkel imitation. Before having children I could never have imagined how deeply I could love a child. -Lisa