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The LaBarres are like third parents to me. They took me on a snowboarding vacation with them; they gave me amazing support and compassion when I broke my wrist. The first time I cried at my wedding was when I saw that they came all the way from Chicago to be there. It meant the world to me. Their goofiness and made-up language is alllways good for laughs (penis collapsers and drinkiepoos just to name a few) and they are so open and honest about topics that many people are hesitant to discuss. And perhaps best of all, their daughter is one of my best friends - more like a sister than a friend really. I always love visiting them, and this time Mr Onyx got to go with me and play his little heart out with their new puppy Mazie! (Can you find the one picture of him with his new best friend?)

I think it's the best thing when people give their parents a photo session for a gift because we all know that it's difficult to think of something our parents don't already have or can't afford to buy for themselves - however, parents will always treasure photographs of their family!!