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As if I need more things to look forward to, this weekend, while in Lake Tahoe, my boyfriend proposed in the incredibly beautiful Emerald Bay. Surrounded by clear blue waters, tall ruggid pines, rushing falls, and snow-topped mountains, he got down on one knee. People become all giddy when they get engaged and want to tell everyone, and now I know how that feels. It makes you so delightfully happy to have someone choose you,
out of all the people in the world, to be the one and only that they want to make a life with. They could have picked anybody; but they chose you. It is such a powerful statement of love that I have never felt as deeply as now. I feel so full of excitement for the future - so overwhelmed with love. So many major life changes are happening for me - things that feel almost too good to be true. Including my self-employment. I get to hang out with people in love, happy families, the most adorable babies, and incredibly talented musicians - and get paid for it. It just seems too awesome to be reality. I get to meet so many beautiful people through doing what I love. Just thinking about all the beautiful people I have yet to meet puts a smile on my face! Kelley McRae turned out to be one of those amazing people. She and I are in the same boat, being that she just quit her fulltime job to follow her passions and dreams of being a fulltime musician. (Although I am not as hardcore as she is since I didn't sell all I owned to travel across the country in a VW bus.) Kelley is living her dream job and meeting all kinds of great people by doing house concerts across the country, which is how I hooked up with her and got her to play at my little home. I knew Kelley was good, however, I was not prepared for the extreme greatness that came from her honest lyrics and powerful vocals. This woman can really craft a song
and woo an audience! And her personality is just as charming and wonderful.

I sincerely hope that our paths cross again!