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one of my favorite things about hanging out with johnny is his freedom to play. i need to take time to play more in my life. for johnny it seems to come so naturally, although i know it's not always the case for him. to jump in the river with the dogs, there was no hesitation. to sprint through the woods. to leap over logs. to climb trees. the things of my youth that have not stayed with me much in my adult life. hanging out with johnny was a good reminder to me that we all need to set aside our hesitations at times and be more encouraged to play!

tell someone they're your hero.
find a new path.
learn something new.
take something apart.
jump in a river.
find a bug in your yard.
roll down a grassy hill.
eat pizza for breakfast.
dress a little ridiculous.
go to a museum.
eat lunch on a rock with a friend.
draw with crayons and don't worry about the outcome.
sit indian style in your chair (i do this often in public places and feel a little judged for it at times)
give someone a hug.
find shapes in the clouds.