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I love surrounding myself with other creatives. Jamie is a one-of-a-kind artist and a gentle soul. Her work is about visually mapping the natural process of decay - exploring its repercussions and advantages. Lately she has been creating installation pieces out of found wood, Japanese paper pulp, oil paint, gypsum, chalk and ink. She asked me to photograph the process of creating her Japanese paper pulp installations while she worked in her (home) studio (they remind me of the mushrooms that grow off of trees in the forest).

As an extra bonus, two of my dear friends had career day at their high school and chose to shadow me! They came along and helped me photograph Jamie and her studio. We all found it super fascinating to watch the art process while Jamie worked. Some of the images below were taken by my wonderful helpers! (and thus I get to be in an image - an image of MY art process ;)