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There is something amazing about babies that changes a person. Before even being born they have power over people. They have the ability to break down social barriers. Many pregnant mothers talk about how strangers come up to them and touch their belly, sometimes without even asking. Or strangers are more willing to strike up a conversation. New parents talk about loving their children more than they ever thought they were capable of loving a person. They change us. Not just on the outside, but on the inside.

I've been friends with Amanda and Andrew since before they ever started dating, I stood up in their wedding, and I have been a part of their lives through the pregnancy stage, so it was a special day to meet little Hazel for the first time and take her pictures. She definitely had a power over me that I can't even quite articulate - all I know is that I didn't expect to be touched by her, but holding that small life in my arms made me tear up a few times. I am so excited to see the little person she grows up to be!