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Eva and Danny are a big barrel of laughs. When you're in their company, you can't stop smiling and holding your abs. It was hard for me not to shake the camera with all the laughing I was doing. Even when they were telling me about the argument they'd had the night prior about installing the air conditioner, they couldn't stop laughing about it and about themselves! I'm sure humor is a key ingredient for a happy marriage, and these two have ample supply. Eva has a beautiful voice and directs the music at Life Church. She is 100% female - has a beautiful jewelry collection, only the best hair products and super stylish shoes. Danny runs a motorsports store. He is 100% male - converted his parent's wooded yard into a track for his ATV's. He gets excited when he finds a new set of stairs at a park for late night joy rides with his bike when the cops aren't around. Their wedding is the day after my birthday and I'm really looking forward to celebrating with two people who bring the party! They can't help it; it's who they are. And it's fabulous.