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The senses are so powerful. They are how we experience this world, and the world is experienced in its fullest when all the senses are engaged. Moving forward in my portrait shoots I am trying incorporate activities that engage the senses and allow couples to experience each other in a more complete capacity. I find that people sometimes stress about getting their picture taken, worrying about what they look like, how to interact with the camera, if their smile looks genuine, how to pose correctly. I want to eliminate this fear and uncertainty. I want people to feel relaxed and be themselves. I want them to forget the camera is there and just have fun making memories instead. Not only does this result in genuine emotion and meaningful images but also a meaningful experience. Erin and Greg were so wonderful to be my guinea pigs in this experiment. I knew that they are both very fun-loving and outdoorsy, so I designed some activities for them that I thought would fit their personality as a couple. We started out with some sidewalk chalk and just had tons of fun from there! I count my experiential photo shoot a success because not only do I think I captured their true spirits and genuine emotion, but they also said that after the photoshoot, instead of feeling exhausted they felt energized!