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I just got back from my first ever photography workshop in LA and boy was it incredible. What I loved about the speakers Jesh De Rox, Our Labor of Love, Samm Blake, and Amina from Still Motion is that they are all artists and visionaries who are able to make a really good living from their work not because of how they fit in with the culture of photography but because of how they differenciate themselves. They are all brilliant business people, but more importantly, they are such genuine human beings who are very giving to others. The positive energy at the conference and everyone's desire to work together for everyone's success was such a blessing. I know that my business and my personal life have already benefitted from the people I met in LA and the conversations we had. I am so thankful.

This session with Ashley was the night before I left for LA and it was so glad we squeezed it in! Ashley is such a sweet soul. We had fun getting to know each other and the city while having a few random encounters with strangers along the way. As often happens with my photoshoots, we got hollared at to leave an area, but for the first time it wasn't a real person, it was a machine! Life as a photographer is never dull. Thus, I love it!