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a day at the goat farm. melanie is such a hard worker! she is in constant process of learning how to run a farm, deliver baby goats, milk them, raise baby cows, bunnies, chickens, three dogs and two daughters! her husband does the harvesting of corn and soybeans on top of his fulltime job downtown (1+ hour commute both ways). wow.

if that's not enough, melanie had made fresh goat's milk ice cream for sarah and myself and was working on making goat's milk yogurt! one must find many ways to make use of a multitude of goat's milk! david and i truly loved having fresh raw goat's milk - it was guzzled down within two days.

oh, and besides all that, melanie is also a painter. zam. top that. and then check out her artwork.

also check out this awesome milk crate tutorial that my friend sarah built for melanie to use on the farm! i have very creative and talented friends. fo sho.