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today i was creating a bucket list of things i want to accomplish in my life and i thought i would share it with you.

i feel like it's important to think about these things and write them down so that we can make sure that our goals and our decisions are heading us in those directions. as you can see, a lot of my goals involve traveling!

//visit new zealand, alaska and germany with my husband
//learn violin
//learn japanese
//adopt a child
//take a few family trips overseas
//do volunteer work in other countries
//write and photograph a childrens book for my children

a reverse bucket list - things in my life that i'm glad i've done and have shaped who i am:

//lived in australia, thailand, colorado & hawaii
//went to college
//started my own business
//got an adorable dog
//found my perfect husband
//summer & winter trips to the boundary waters
//lived in the ghetto
//continually learning how to be healthy and have a balanced life

i have grown so much in who i am and i am very thankful for all the events and people in my life that have shaped me! i know there is much more adventure to come as God's plan for my life continues to amaze me.