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I love this photograph. It brings joy to my soul. It hangs in an old window frame right outside our bedroom. I love this image because when I look at it, I remember the emotions I felt in that moment. I felt so happy to be held by the one who knows and loves my heart. So excited to be marrying him in a few hours. When I look at this picture I see David's love for me in his posture and expression. I see my love for him in my posture and expression. The emotions I felt in that moment come back to me. I know that the future will not always be filled with joy and love, that there will be hard times and struggles, but I hope that every time I look at this image in the years to come, that I am physically and emotionally reminded of our love for each other. That this image will continually draw me into that intimate moment of being known and valued. That is a lot to ask of an object. Yet that is the power of photography. It can transport us to another time and remind us where we came from, how we felt, and that we can feel again. Good photography is not a static image. It moves us. It stirs emotion. This image is inspiration for my own work. In my own photography, I work to capture those intimate moments of joy and love. I hope that my images can have the same power for others that this image has for me.